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The FAQ - Frequently Asked Quiestions - are constantly updated and new questions that we think might interest you all are added here.

  • What is the monotonus shop actually?
  • Which artists/bands from East Tyrol offer their stuff in the monotonus shop?
  • Are items from bands from East Tyrol only offered in the shop?
  • Who buys CD's these days?
  • Who gets the money for the items offered?


What is the monotonus shop actually?

The idea or basic idea behind the monotonus shop is as follows:

The shop is intended to offer musicians, artists or bands from East Tyrol and the surrounding area the opportunity to sell their music and merchandise items to people in a simple way.

In close contact and lively exchange with the artists, we try to find the best and easiest way to offer the material in the online shop.

The visitors of the monotonus shop are given the opportunity to actively support the artists and bands by buying a CD or a merchandise article.


Which artists/bands offer their stuff in the monotonus shop?

You can find a list or band selection in the "BAND SELECTION" menu.
In the case of a desktop display, this can be found on the left-hand side.
On mobile devices, the menu can be seen at the bottom of the page.


Are only items from bands from East Tyrol offered in the monotonus shop?

In order to broaden the range of monotonus shop, we have decided to also offer items from bands that are not from East Tyrol.

There is also music from South Tyrol, Upper Austria or Switzerland to be found in the shop. We're always open to new bands and geographic location doesn't really matter.

Nevertheless, we try to be able to offer as many items as possible from bands from East Tyrol in the shop, because that was and still is the basic idea behind the shop: #supportlocalbands


Who still buys CDs these days?

You see a band live or you hear something about a new band from hearsay.
What do you do first?
You go to the streaming provider of your choice, hope that music from this band is represented there and listen to the music.

Nowadays it is common music via streaming provider w.e.g. Listen to Spotify or Amazon Music.

As much as we appreciate the streaming offer from the providers mentioned and use it ourselves, we prefer the option of listening to "analogue" music.
How come?

First and foremost, the thought comes from the fact that we, as music consumers, want to financially support the bands we like the music of (especially if it's a "small", unknown band).
It's still the case that a band earns more from a material sale of their sound than if the music is purchased via a streaming provider.

The second thought is - and this seems even more important to us as listeners and consumers; That owning a sound carrier improves the music experience (and by that we don't mean better in terms of quality or sound).
We mean "better" in the sense of: You listen to the music consciously.
We often catch ourselves "zapping through" streaming providers without actually listening to the music.
If one decides to buy a recording, the "ritual" of active listening is automatically connected.
You put the sound carrier in and you can't wait to see what comes out of the system.
If you like it, you keep listening intently and look forward to the next track until the disc reaches its peak.
If you don't like it, you get up from your comfortable seat and get upset that you spent money on such crap. BUT - you can later actively discuss and gossip about why and why you felt the music was dirt.
And that's the only way to get to know music and your own taste in music.
Through conscious, active listening.


Who gets the money for the items offered?

We were asked this question by many customers who ordered something in the shop but at the same time wanted to be sure that the band was actually supported by it.

This is a very good attitude and we can assure you that the money for the items offered goes to the appropriate band.
The purchase or payment process is as follows:

  • When you buy an item in the shop, the money is first transferred to the monotonus shop.
  • Upon receipt of payment, the ordering and shipping process will be handled by the monotonus shop.
  • The money for the articles is then forwarded to the appropriate band.
  • The monotonus shop keeps a small percentage of the paid items for itself.
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