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REAT - New Musicvideo

Reat Videoclip Quai Cha Dovrain

The Romansh alternative rock/punk band “REAT” released their first music video on October 13th, 2023.

The band "REAT" from the Swiss Engadine has recorded a music video for the piece "Quai cha dovrain" and published it on YouTube:

We are very pleased to see that the video turned out really well because we as extras were also able to contribute a small part to it.

Cast: Tonia Maria Zindel
Concept and Director: Fabio Stecher
Director of Photography: Ben Zäch
Camera Operator: Jan Baumgartner
Production Design: Rebekka Bohni
Make Up Artist: Dany Baia
Editor: Daniel Reich
Colorist: Davide Greco

Band: Jon Nicolay, Arno Valentin, Jon Andri Gaudenz

Extras: Urs Valentin, Angelo Werro, Flurina Mayolani, Gina Rohner, Amina Thoma, Denise Meyer, Jasmin Koch, Adrian Löffel, Jenny Ruffner, Fancesco Muolo, Benjamin, Flurin Schlegel, Jakob Erni, Moreno Hotz, Jonas Alexander, Mattia Luciano Bottoni, Timon Reichelt, Ciril Marighetto, Sonja Gall, Gino, Montalta

Engineered: SOS Basement Productions
Produced: REAT & SOS Basement Productions

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